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 Case Study Deep Dive

Are you interested in clinical herbalism? Would you like to gain confidence using your existing herbal knowledge and expand your skillset?

Join herbalists Tatum and Munna for Case Study Deep Dives! An online series of case study reviews, as well as deep dives into formulating, protocols, intakes, and more. This series is ideal for those with some prior herbal knowledge, who want to expand their understanding of clinical herbalism.

We will be assessing theoretical and actual cases. This series can help you develop interview skills for intakes, prepare you for a clinical setting, and give you real experience with formulating and protocols. Students will be able to suggest formulas and protocols and will be given feedback.

The series starts with 2 sessions in February. You can do single sessions or sign up for two for a discounted rate.  The sessions will be online via Zoom on February 12th & 26th, 1-4pm.  They will not be recorded.  

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 Basics of Medical Astrology

This course covers the basics of medical astrology, which is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, foods, and herbal medicines as being under the influence of the Planets and the twelve Astrological signs.  There will be an overview on navigating through the natal chart so previous knowledge of astrology is not necessary.  

In this course, we will explore the basics of medical astrology as it relates to your natal chart.  We will identify excess and/or deficiency of the elements and how to use holistic approaches to bring them into balance.  Then focus will be on the sun, ascending and moon signs as we go over how they relate to the physical body, including emotional and constitutional wellbeing.  Nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle support will be discussed for each sign.  We will also cover the planets and houses and how they affect the natal chart in medical astrology.  

To bring all the information together, we will go through a chart analysis framework using chart examples. 

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Foundations of Herbalism Basics of Medical Astrology