Bear Roots Forest School

'Discover the healing nature of plants'

A foundational course exploring the Roots of Health with a focus on herbalism and nutrition. 

This is a self paced online course that will include live classes that will be 3-4 hours in length, one day per month.  

Course starts: March 23 2024

Detailed topic information along with the herbs and health concerns that will be covered can be found in the syllabus below. 

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Four Seasons of Foraging Medicine Gardener Four Seasons + Gardener Bundle Herb First Aid


If you are on the journey to becoming a clinical herbalist, then these classes will be beneficial for you to develop your clinical skills. 

Clinical Skills Overview Formulation -Coming soon!

Online Student Clinic

Each provincial association in Canada requires a minimum number of clinical hours to become a registered practitioner.  If you are interested in gaining clinical hours, Tatum has a monthly student clinic that you can attend.  The clinic is online via Zoom, one Saturday a month, where there will be two full intakes done.  

It is recommended that you have completed a foundations course in herbalism, and have reviewed the clinical skills courses; Intake Overview, Assessment Overview, Formulation Foundation, and Creating Session Notes. 

Please reach out to Tatum if you are interested in gaining clinical hours.  You can connect with her here: Contact - Bear Roots Forest School (

If you would like to book a consultation with the student clinic please do so here:

Book a Student Clinic Consultation!

Upcoming Student Clinics:

          March 16, 2024- FULLY BOOKED

          April 27, 2024- Appointments available- 10am and 1pm AST