Clinical Skills Overview

This clinical skills overview includes interview skills that are essential for an accurate intake, areas that need to be assessed after the intake is complete in order to determine the therapeutic goals, guidance on creating nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and the creation of session notes.  Below you will find more detailed information about each module.

In the intake form overview module, we will look at the following topics:

Self Reflection, Personal Skills, Getting the Story Right, Creating Space, Art of Communication, Strategic Thinking in Clinical Practice, Personal Information, Who has the disease?, What is the health concern?, OPQRST, What do they have it? Nutrition, Sleep & Lifestyle, Review of Systems & Additional Insights

In assessment overview module we will look at the following topics:

The Therapeutic Order & Causal Chain of Disease, Clinical Red Flags & Roots of Health Assessment: Nutrition, Digestive Patterns, Hydration, Exercise/Lifestyle, Sleep, Stress, Toxins/Pollution, Medications, Constitution, Tissue States & Therapeutic Goal creation

In the nutrition and lifestyle recommendations and creation of session notes we will look at the following topics: 

Creating nutrition recommendations including supplements, lifestyle recommendations & session note creations

Please note:  To learn about creating herb formulas you can take the formulation course.