April 2022- Herbs + Health + Astrology

April- Monthly Herbs, Health, Astro.pdf

As the Sun, Moon and planets make their journeys during the month of April their energies will create beneficial and detrimental times for medicine making, herb consumption and certain health concerns.

What are the best dates for making infusions and decoctions?  When should you focus on the herbs for the cardiovascular system, digestive system, etc.?  When will be a good time to have root medicine?  

These questions and so many more can be answered by referencing astrology, below you will find some of the more important dates in regards to health and herbs for the month of April. 

Please note that the information below is for educational purposes only.  Downloadable pdf available above! 

                         Herbs + Health + Astrology for April


April 2-12

Good time for antispasmodic, relaxing nervines, and nourishing (mineral rich) herbs.

April 5, 7-9

Good time to make decoctions & infusions & syrups

Create and consume soothing comforting formulas for stomach & lymphatic

Create & consume fertility & lactation formulas

Good time for cooling, moistening, demulcent herbs

Diuretics will work well during this time for fluid build-up

April 9-12 Double Fire Alert

Create hot, drying, stimulating, energizing formulas

Create formulas for the adrenals

Create spice blends

Create or consume herbs that nourish the heart; hawthorn

Consume herbs for the eyes, brain, arterial system, muscular system

Area of concern; people with high blood pressure, prone to strokes, red-faced

April 11-12

Good times to warm up the veins and increase circulation in the lower legs

April 12-14   - A time when things will be more likely to pass through boundaries & get out of hand!

Consume herbs to nourish the lymphatic, liver, and kidneys

Time to tighten and tone the tissues with astringents

Focus on the upper digestive system- gut, intestines, pancreas, liver

Those prone to allergic reaction will likely see one happen during this time; care should be taken for those with gluten sensitivity and Crohn’s

Create and consume pain relieving, lymphatic and sleep herbs/formulas

Consume nutritive herbs

This is an extra absorptive time; may be necessary to give lower dosages of herbs

April 16-17 Double Mars (if there is something that needs to be ‘killed’ in the body this is the time)

Great time for working with Mars herbs

Great time with making formulas with ‘anti’ herbs- antimicrobial, antiparasitic, etc.

Garlic and cayenne with be super strong

Cathartics will be extra strong during this period

Good time for cleansing

April 18

Do not create any herbal preparations or consume any herbs

April 17-18

Likely to see thyroid issues

April 19

Good time to consume cardiac herbs

Nourish brain, head, eyes

April 20-22 Double Earth

Laxatives will not work during this time

Possibility of body rejected any type of medicine

Good time for fasting

Good time for making astringent formulas

Create and consume root medicines

Consume nutritive and bone building herbs

Focus on the stomach, liver, and gall bladder

Create or consume fertility and female nourishing herbs/formulas

April 24

Possible obstruction in ears, nose and throat, lymph nodes

Excitement of thyroid

Nutritive herbs will be easily absorbed

Possible dental complaints, hearing issues

Focus on cardiac and circulation

April 25

Decoctions, infusions, oils will seep into the body easily as it is an extra absorptive time

Focus on feet

Great time for female fertility

April 26

Create and consume sleep and pain-relieving herbs/formulas

April 29

Take care of infections immediately; avoid sepsis

Consume nourishing herbs

Gotu kola will help to open capillaries

April 30

Possible congestion in ears, nose, throat, lymph

Focus on lymphatics, nourishing herbs, root medicine

Focus on Venus herbs, emollients

Focus on liver health

Oils and fats will be easily assimilated

Very fertile day

Create sweet medicines- glycerin’s, honeys, syrups

Great time to plan or plant an herb garden to heal all woes


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