Holistic Herbalist Practitioner 


Foundations of Herbalism


This course offers a holistic perspective of plants and people in regards to herbalism.  The foundations learned in this course will allow for a deeper understanding of whole plant medicine and how it can be applied to the individual.  

The topics covered in this six- week course include:

-Plant: Actions, Energetics, Affinities, Tastes

-People: Constitutions, Tissue States

-Roots of Health & Nutrition

-Medicine Making: Constituents, Water, Alcohol & Fat Based Preparations, Flower Essences, Honey, Vinegar

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Holistic Herbalist

*Prerequisite - Foundations of Herbalism or equivalent*


This course offers comprehensive training in every organ system of the body in detail- from anatomy, physiology, energetics, nutrition to advanced herbal actions, materia medica, therapeutics, and formulation.  There will also be components of astrology interwoven.  

The organ systems covered include:





-Male Reproductive   

-Female Reproductive



-Immune & Lymphatic





Topics covered include:


-Herbal Safety


-Pain Management

-Heart Coherence & Stress

-Herbal First Aid

Holistic Herbalist Practitioner

*Prerequisite- Foundations of Herbalism & Holistic Herbalist

This program will cover client intake evaluation strategies and extensive case study review.